Back in the day a notary was required to have an embossing seal and they were told to press the seal over their signature. In today’s world everyone should toss that seal and use a notary stamp instead. Back in the day we did not have e-recording and now most documents are recorded that way.

For today’s e-recording, a document notarized and then embossed with a seal is just a big headache to get recorded. First, there must be some way to darken that seal so that it shows up when scanned for recording. This involves trying to rub a pencil over the raised surface or having a special stamp to darken it. When the seal was applied too lightly or was used over the signature these methods do not work. Even if you deliver the document directly to the registry of deeds for recording, they need some way to be able to make the seal show up without obliterating any of the text.

The Uniform Law on Notarial Acts allows a person to use an official rubber stamp stating the name of the notary, and the words “notary public, New Hampshire” and the expiration date of the notary public’s commission of a person performing a notarial act. So please toss the old fashioned seal and get a stamp!