Valentine’s Day can bring up questions surrounding a relationship, including, “Will the relationship affect our mortgage?”  Buying a home and applying for a mortgage are big tasks and can be further complicated when a significant other is added to the equation.  If you are married, applying for a mortgage in both you and your and your spouse’s name may seem like common sense.  However, in some circumstances, applying in only one name may be your best option.

When a couple asks a lender for a loan, the bank may not average the two credit scores.  They may instead focus on the lower of the two and calculate the loan terms based on that to arrive at the interest rate that will be charged.  The debt-to-income ratio is a measurement that a lender uses to measure how much of the applicant’s income is spent on debt.  If you leave a spouse with significant amounts of debt off the mortgage application it may lower the debt-to-income ratio and result in better loan terms.